NCLE Basic & Practical Exam - January - March 2022

This new combined exam will include the NCLE (CLRE) Basic and NCLE (NCLEP) Practical examinations.  By registering for this combined exam, you do not need to register and schedule each exam separately, it will be taken in one sitting.  The exam content for the NCLE Basic and Practical exam is the same as taking each exam separately.  You still start with the NCLE Basic exam for the first section of the exam, which is a total of two (2) hours.  Once the NCLE Basic exam is completed, you will receive a 15 minute break time (or you can proceed to the next exam section if you don't wish to take a 15 minute break) and will proceed with taking the NCLE Practical exam, which is a total of one (1) hour. 

To earn your NCLE Basic Certification, you need to achieve a passing score on the examination. The exam consists of questions on the skills and knowledge required for competency in ophthalmic dispensing. The CLRE exam is psychometrically developed by impartial Subject Matter Experts within the field of Contact Lens Fitting. After test specifications are created (based on the Job Analysis), the exams are written by groups of impartial Certified Contact Lens Fitters. The questions are then reviewed by the testing service specialists for proper testing principles and rules of grammar and style. Questions are created to test a candidate's ability to recall knowledge and to apply that knowledge to specific dispensing functions.  Test specifications can be located on the Basic Examination Handbook (right below).

ABO-NCLE offers Computer Simulated Skills and Knowledge on the National Contact Lens Examers Practical Exam (NCLEP Exam)Test specifications can be located on the Practical Examination Handbook (right below). 

Exams are given in English, via computer at a Prometric testing facility.  The NCLE Basic exam has 125 questions and the NCLE Practical exam has 30 questions.

**Currently, the state of Arizona and Washington has allowed the ABO and NCLE Combined exams. If you are applying for an ABO and/or NCLE Examination as part of a Licensing State requirement, please verify the appropriate steps with your state licensing board before registering for any specific examination. Each state has its own specific requirements, and failure to abide by those requirements may result in denial of credit for the examination, or other consequences, depending upon any licensing state’s regulations and requirements.

Important information to note before registering for the exam:
Please make sure to include on your exam registration profile your FULL legal name-as it appears on your government issued photo ID(e.g. driver's license, passport), a personal phone number, and a correct email address.
-You will receive separate exam results for each exam.  If you are unsuccessful in passing one of the exams, you need to re-register for that particular exam and pay the regular fee for that exam.  You MUST wait 14 days (from the date you took the exam) before you can register to retake the exam and you will have three (3) attempts.  After your third attempt, you will be required to wait 90 days to be eligible to retake the exam.
-If you need to complete our Disability Accommodation Form, please click HERE to download our Accommodation request information.  Once you are ready to submit your form, please click HERE .
-Exam registration fee is $225, and are NON-REFUNDABLE once payment has been submitted.
-Please make sure you review the Basic Examination Handbook and the Practical Examination Handbook for further exam policy information before registering for the exam.  It will answer all of your questions about the exam. 
-After you have submitted the registration fee, you will receive an email confirmation with your eligibility ID number and instructions on how to schedule your exam to pick your location, date, and time.  (Make sure to check your junk/spam folder, as the email confirmation may go into those folders.)
-Candidate COVID-19 FAQs: Prometric has created a new, dedicated page to host COVID-19-related FAQs for candidates.  This new page, linked here, can be also be found on Prometric's homepage and selecting "COVID-19 FAQ."  Other test taker FAQs can be found under the "Test Takers" tab on Prometric's homepage. 


In some states, executive orders prohibit government agencies and institutions of higher education, respectively, and their officials from mandating face coverings or restricting activities in response to the COVID-19 disaster.

The mandates apply to those state's universities, but not to private companies.  Prometric's position is to keep the mask requirement, where allowed, to maintain standardization and safety measures across our network as much as possible.
As a private company, Prometric will continue to require everyone who goes to one of their global testing centers (that are not connected to state government agencies) to wear an approved face covering for the duration of their time at the location.
Individuals not in compliance with this policy will not be allowed to sit for their scheduled appointment.  They will also continue to maintain social distancing protocols in common areas, where barriers are not provided.

***Please be aware that registration ends on 03/15/2022 11:59PM (EST).  There will be NO late registration or late fees.***
1/3/2022 - 3/31/2022

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