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4-Exam Bundle 2021

Please, carefully review the information below regarding the discounted 4-bundle exams:

The 4-bundle exams will include the ABO (NOCE) Basic, NCLE (CLRE) Basic, ABO (ABOP) Practical, and NCLE (NCLEP) Practical examinations.  You will have two (2) years, from the date you purchase the 4-exam bundle, to complete all four (4) exams.  Be sure to check with your State Licensing Board to see if they have a timeframe in which all exams must be completed.

Once you have paid the 4-bundle price, a discounted price of 30%, you will be able to select an exam/exams for the available testing window (see Important Test Deadlines ).  Keep in mind that you must still go back to the registration page and select each individual exam, for the specific testing window that is open, you wish to test for during the open registration window.  The exams you do not select will stay credited in your account, until you complete the registration for that exam.  There are no refunds once you have purchased the 4-exam bundle.

You must take and pass the NOCE Basic before you are eligible to take the ABO Practical and also take and pass the CLRE Basic exam before you are eligible to take the NCLEP Practical exam.   Unless, your State Licensing Board has authorized or approved you to take the Basic exams NOCE and CLRE and the practical exams together, you can proceed with registering for all four (4) exams at the same time.

If you are unsuccessful in passing one of the exams, you need to re-register for that particular exam and pay the regular fee for that exam.  

  ***If you are in the state of Nevada, you can also purchase the 4-bundle exams that will include the ABO Advanced, NCLE Advanced, ABO Practical, and NCLE Practical examinations.  You can take any of those four exams in any order you wish to take them in.***

1/1/2021 - 12/31/2021

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