Ordering CECs for an Approved Program

CECs for Approved Programs are available by completing the Continuing Education Credits Request Form.  Please assure that you complete the form, and accurately provide all of the necessary information.  

A non-refundable processing fee of $10.00 will be assessed each time a course is repeated in addition to the CEC fees. CEC requests for previously approved courses must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. CECs requested less than 2 weeks may not be able to be fulfilled based upon other pending requests.  Please note that if ABO & NCLE is able to will process CECs less than 2 weeks prior to a scheduled meeting, additional processing fees will apply.  Applications received within 1 week will incur additional rush fees and rush shipping fees.  All orders will be shipped via UPS unless otherwise requested; orders will be shipped via FedEx if requested or required for CECs to arrive prior to the meeting date.

Fee Schedule (Paper CECs)

CEC processing: $10 processing fee per course


CEC fee: $0.50 per CEC

If CEC request is received less than 14 days from the meeting, a $50 rush processing fee will be added.
If CEC request is received less than 7 days from the meeting, a $100 rush processing fee will be added.

Please ensure that you order sufficient CECs. Additional fees and penalties apply for late ordered CECs. If you run out of paper CECs, retain the names of attendees who did not receive one, and notify ABO-NCLE as soon as possible. DO NOT COPY CECs.

You MUST scan a clearly printed sign-in roster of all attendees for each course and send to ABO-NCLE following the course via email to [email protected] and maintain the original on file for a minimum of three (3) years.

Please note that ABO/NCLE-approved courses must be taught by an ABO/NCLE-Approved speaker only. We encourage proper planning to ensure that the speaker listed on the course application will be available to teach the course on the scheduled date. If the speaker is unable to teach the course, please ensure the substitute instructor is ABO/NCLE-Approved. Your CEC Request will be denied for courses taught by an unapproved speaker.

Shipping Fees for Paper CECs

UPS Ground Shipping:
Up to 10 CECs - $15 additional will be charged
Up to 25 CECs - $18 additional will be charged
Up to 100 CECs - $25 additional will be charged
Up to 250 CECs - $30 additional will be charged
Up to 400 CECs - $35 additional will be charged
Up to 1000 CECs - $55 additional will be charged

FedEx Shipping:
Overnight Delivery (arrives next morning) - $85 additional
Next day Delivery (arrives next late afternoon) - $45 additional
Two-Day Delivery - $45 additional