Content Outline and Test Specifications for the American Board of Opticianry Advanced Certification Examination

I. Analyze and Interpret Visual Assessment

  • Analyze customer’s/patient’s prescription.
  • Recognize limitations of the prescription. 
  • Assess medical abnormalities of the customer’s/patient’s vision.

II. Design, Fit and Dispense Eyewear and Other Ophthalmic Devices

  • Evaluate the customer’s/patient’s needs and wants.
  • Evaluate the parameters of new and old eyewear. 
  • Design and market ophthalmic instrumentation and eyewear. 
  • Evaluate the results of facial, ocular, and frame measurements. 
  • Verify the ordered eyewear in accordance with specifications on the order form. 
  • Evaluate the eyewear in relation to the customer’s/patient’s head and face.
  • Educate customers/patients on products and performance. 
  • Apply ophthalmic professional and legal guidelines.

III. Use of Ophthalmic Instrumentation

  • Explain the use of ophthalmic instrumentation. 
  • Analyze the utilization of dispensing instrumentation. 
  • Determine method of fabrication and ordering.
  • Apply knowledge of legal and professional requirements of equipment maintenance.