ABO Advanced Examination February 2018

Advanced Exam

The Advanced Certification designations, ABOC-AC and NCLE-AC, are earned only after a practitioner has attained several years experience, completes a prescribed curriculum of advanced education, and achieves a passing score on the rigorous examinations. Test specifications are posted on this site.
Having earned the basic ABO or NCLE certification, and completed one recertification period (3 years) you are eligible to take the Advanced exams.
ABO Master and CLSA Fellows who are not currently ABO or NCLE certified, may obtain Advanced Certification by re-taking and passing the entry level examinations (NOCE and CLRE). Having passed the NOCE and/or CLRE again, the Advanced Certification status may be requested and granted, without having to take the Advanced Examination(s). A certificate will be provided upon request at a nominal fee.

The Advanced Examination may be taken as often as required to achieve a passing score.
Questions? Contact Kenia Hernandez

***Please note that right now we are in late registration, so there is an addditional $75 late registration fee***
2/1/2018 - 2/15/2018

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