OptiCon @ Vision Expo Hub

Booth #TBD

This dedicated show floor destination is designed specifically for Opticians and Contact Lens Technicians and will host pop up talks, networking, social events and access to representatives and resources from ABO & NCLE, NAO, OAA, NFOS, and vendor partners.



OptiCon Hub Sponsorships  

OptiCon Exposure Sponsor: $1,500 (limited to first 20 companies)

* Showcase in product area
* OptiCon Hub will be marketed in the following ways, affording sponsors brand visibility -
  • Show Directory to approximately 10,000 attendees
  • On-site signage
  • Targeted marketing campaigned to 30,000 ABO/NCLE certificants and Vision Expo database, including:
     » Dedicated website promoting the OptiCon hub on the Vision Expo East website
     » A minimum of one email to pre-registered attendees highlighting the OptiCon Hub
     »Social Media posts promoting what will be going on in the Hub (58,000 followers on Facebook, 17,000 followers on Twitter, 3,500 followers on LinkedIn)

Thought Leader Sponsor: $2,500

Exposure Sponsor, plus:

* 15 min presentation in the content area of the Hub (sessions on the half hour, time slot booked based on availability)
  • Included in OptiCon Schedule of Events in app and online with title and logo
  • Personalized COMPLIMENTARY evite and web banner provided by Vision Expo for you to deploy to your database

OptiCon General Session Sponsorships

Sponsor the OptiCon General Session, “Back to the Future: Why Our Past Matters” on Friday, March 16th from 7:15am to 8:15am.  Dr. David Fleischman will look at how past and current leaders have profoundly impacted the eyecare profession. 

* Expected attendance~100+ attendees
* Mention anytime General Session is promoted
* Session to be included in attendee registration

Breakfast: $5,000

Napkin: $2,500

Drink Cups: $2,500

Additional OptiCon Sponsorships

Lunch Sponsor: $20,000 (Exclusive) - Our Signature Sponsorship

Provide a complimentary lunch voucher to attendees with the OptiCon education package

* Table in partner area of OptiCon Hub for attendees to pick-up lunch voucher
* Lunch voucher to include sponsor logo
* Sponsor can scan badges for lead tracking when vouchers are picked up
* Lunch vouchers for all 3 days of the show
Break Sponsor: $5,000

Engage with attendees in the hub over everyone’s favorite pastimes – eating and drinking

* A dedicated one hour timeslot for a breakfast, snack break, champagne toast or happy hour
* Acknowledgement will be included in schedule of events and on signage
* Personalized COMPLIMENTARY evite and web banner provided by Vision Expo for you to promote the event
* F&B costs not included
Charging stations: $5,000

Not all heroes wear capes, for attendees in the digital age, they provide charging stations!

* Branding on one charging station in networking area of OptiCon Hub

Water Cooler: $3,000

Break the ice and quench your customers thirst by providing water in the OptiCon Hub.

* Branding on water cooler station
* Option to provide branded cups

For those organizations interested in visibility to Opticians and Contact Lens Technicians in the OptiCon @ Vision Expo Hub, please click here for the media kit.